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What Makes A Great Manager?

This is a hard question. Everyone can instantaneously describe what makes a bad manager but few seem capable of reliably defining a great one. It’s ambiguous. It’s also boring. And the answers can vary depending on the day or situation. In fact, to many people, a great manager is someone who would have done the […]

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The Matters Most Sequence

The dog bit Johnny. Johnny bit the dog. Same exact words, different syntax, totally different experience. — Tony Robbins from the Tim Ferriss Show #37 While dabbling in other languages, I’ve come to appreciate the importance that sequence plays in our communication. Particularly as a native English speaker. We can use the same words as […]

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The Best Book for Creating Change

Switch: How To Change When Change Is Hard By Chip and Dan Heath Rating 10/10 Best Line #1:  A trainer in California taught six elephants to stand in a line and urinate on command and they hadn’t even completed a Myers-Briggs. Best Line #2: There is no moment when a monkey learns to skateboard. There’s […]

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The Best Book for Confronting Issues

Difficult Conversations By Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, and Sheila Heen Rating: 10/10 Best Line #1: In a difficult conversation your primary task is not to persuade, impress, trick, outwit, convert, or win over the other person. It is to express what you see and why you see it that way, how you feel, and maybe […]

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Your Behavior Only. Nothing Else Matters.

One of the great benefits of systems thinking is that it allows us to understand the true nature of behavior. When you analyze a system, you find so much interconnectedness between seemingly unrelated things that, when combined, produce the results you see. It helps me realize there is never a single root cause to most […]

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The Best Book for Understanding Mastery

Mastery By Robert Greene Rating: 10/10 Best Line #1: If it is money and comfort that dominate our decision, we are most often acting out of anxiety and the need to please our parents. Best Line #2: No good can ever come from deviating from the path that you were destined to follow.  Why Read About Mastery? […]

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The Great Misunderstanding About Mastery

This week’s focus is on the book Mastery by Robert Greene. We start with a quote from the book that, in some ways, contradicts its own thesis that mastery is available to all: We prefer things that can be reduced to a formula and described in precise words. But the types of intuitions discussed by […]

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