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The Flow Of Information Is The Flow Of Influence

Our look at the book Factfulness began with three words: data as therapy. Within that idea, we saw a way that data can be persuasive. Not from the standard Logos standpoint of facts, figures, and rational thinking. It does that, of course, but the therapeutic power comes from weaving data into a Pathos argument, eliciting […]

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The Best Book for Developing Influence

Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change Rating 9/10 Best Line #1: You can never hope to engage people’s commitment if they don’t have permission to say no. Best Line #2: Diagnose before you prescribe. Anything else is malpractice. Influence Powers Successful Strategy Merriam Webster defines influence as follows: “to affect or change someone or […]

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Loser of the Month

Here’s a really great joke from Demetri Martin: “I think employee-of-the-month is a good example of when a person can be a winner and a loser at the same time.” That’s just perfect. And yet, we run employee of the month programs all the time. We can’t help ourselves. We think about incentives as if […]

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How To Get People To Do Stuff

You can’t. You really can’t get people to do stuff. Not over the long-run, anyway. Even as a parent or a supervisor. There is just about nothing that you can make another person do. Thankfully, they can’t make you do anything either. Not really. One of the more important aspects of influence, true influence, is […]

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Deviant Behavior—The Good Kind  

Amidst all the stress, the frustration, the setbacks and downsides, there are a few among us who still exude unsinkable confidence and enthusiasm. These people are strange. They appear to get happier whenever things get worse. Perhaps they’re masochists who just enjoy being tortured by a heartless world? No, that’s not fair. They are nonetheless […]

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Chalk It Up To Influence

The number 6. What does it mean? Well, unless you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, the number 6 probably doesn’t mean much. Numbers have no meaning on their own. But when used by a leader, your plain old numbers can become a clarifying, motivating force. Take the number 6. In the early 1900s, Charles Schwab was a […]

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Problems That Create More Problems – The Ratchet

We really need to understand what a ratchet is and how to make them. A ratchet is also known as a flywheel from Quint Studer’s book “Hardwiring Excellence” and is a way to describe the self-perpetuating virtuous/vicious circle identified in system dynamics. These phenomena govern much of what we experience in the workplace and elsewhere.  

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You Are A Teacher. At the School of Rock.

Some music teachers give you an instrument and teach you to play scales. Chromatic, major, and minor scales. Play them again and again until you get them right. Then and only then can we move on to sight reading. Oh, and maybe, eventually, to actual music. Think of the stern stereotypical teacher of yore.   Other […]

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