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Capacity Is A State of Mind

It’s tragic how we adults tell children anything’s possible while telling ourselves we’re out of options. It’s also frustrating to consider how we find ourselves in these deeply-grooved ways of thinking about nothing but our limitations. Why do we do this? I think it’s a product of the group. It’s socialized thinking. We are naturally […]

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A Simple Technique for Emotional Resiliency

Tell me if you’ve ever had this sort of thought: “If X doesn’t happen, I’m going to be miserable.” Or “I’ll be so happy if only Y happens.” I think this is a common thought pattern and it make a lot of sense. Predicting future emotions helps us prepare for them. But these predictions underlie […]

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Struggling As A Leader? Thankfully, No One Cares.

This week is a return to our series on the best books in management. Our second book in the three-book pantheon is Ben Horowitz’s The Hard Thing About Hard Things. Written in 2014, this is the most-current book in collection. It is also the book that has the most heart. Horowitz wrote something honest, insightful, […]

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Why Do Managers Care So Much About Failure?

“In the working world, there is a fascination with pathology. Manager are far more articulate about service failure than about service success. This should be rejected. You cannot infer excellence by studying failure and then inverting it.” The quoted line from this week’s book reminds me of something Peter Thiel said in an interview on […]

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A Fine Book for Playing The Game Better

Game Theory and Management By Michael Hatfield Rating: 7/10 Best Line:  The very best manager with 20% of the information needed to reach the best decision will be bettered by the poorest of managers who have access to 80% of the information needed. Funniest Line: It didn’t take me long to realize that the accountants […]

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The All-Consuming Quest for the Wrong Thing

Rating for Bad Blood: 10/10 Rating for Man’s Search for Meaning: 7/10 Best line from Bad Blood: I’m fairly certain that she [Holmes] didn’t initially set out to defraud investors and put patients in harm’s way when she dropped out of Stanford fifteen years ago. But in her all-consuming quest to be the second coming […]

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(Admitting) Ignorance Is Bliss

“The neurotic who learns to laugh at himself may be on the way to self-management, perhaps to cure.”  —Victor Frankl One of the more frightening individuals featured in Bad Blood is a man with the most incompatible name I’ve ever known: Sunny. Sunny was not named for his disposition. Throughout the book, he roved in […]

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Something We All Want

This week’s feature is a bit unique. It’s a mix of business and philosophy that stems from a fascinating new book and a classic that I kept thinking about while reading it. Together, this will be a discount bundle of book reviews—two for the price of one—mixing John Carreyrou’s bestseller Bad Blood and Victor Frankl’s […]

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The Best Book for Lean Management

The Lean Startup By Eric Reis 10/10 Best Line #1: Always have a theory. Best Line #2: Only 5% of entrepreneurship is the big idea, the business model, the whiteboard strategizing, and the splitting up of the spoils. The other 95% is the gritty work that is measured by innovation accounting: product prioritization decision, deciding […]

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