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Tag / Ethics

The Best Book for Learning How To Live

A Guide To The Good Life: The Art of Stoic Joy By William Irvine Rating: 10/10 Best Line #1: What do you want out of life? Best Line #2: Yoga has been a wonderful source of voluntary discomfort. This marks the second book I’ve featured by the author and professor William Irvine. The first was […]

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Management Should Be Messy

There are many celebrated adages in the business world. Old chestnuts like, “The customer is always right.” Or adjacent notions like “It takes money to make money.” And when it comes to the management side of business, we often find people espouse the corporate ideal: “Our most important resource is our people.”   There is […]

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Bayes, Crime, and “Big Enough” Data

It’s funny how words, when used in different contexts, take on completely different meaning. Same spelling but different context. Thus a different meaning. Technically speaking, these are called homographs. For example: The term “axes” can mean either … (a) a plurality of a certain hand tool, or (b) a plurality of fixed reference lines for […]

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The Big Sort

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament began last night with a couple play-in games between two 16-Seeds and two 11-Seeds. This tournament is single-elimination. The winners advance to what is referred to as the official first round. The losers do not advance. They return home. 68 teams will compete this tournament over the next few weeks. […]

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It’s Okay. Choose An Enemy.

I have come to understand, to my deepest surprise, that there are people out there I just don’t like. It’s nothing personal. It’s more like an allergy. Some people are allergic to wheat. They don’t actively conspire to harm the wheat industry. They just can’t have wheat in their food. So they keep a distance. […]

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