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The Best Book For Starting A Data-Driven Practice

Lean Analytics Rating: 9/10 Best Line #1: Analytics is a necessary counterweight to lying, the yin to the yang of hyperbole. Best Line #2: Relying on wisdom and experience, rather than rigid analysis, helps us get through our day. You don’t run A/B testing before deciding what pants to put on. Many years ago, I […]

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Good Measurement and Bad Mimicry

Theodore Roosevelt captured of fundamental truth in the human condition when he shared the following: Comparison is the thief of joy. But comparison isn’t the problem, of course. Envy is. The act of comparison is just an information-gathering exercise. Our response to that information is where the joy-stealing really happens. This effect is heightened when […]

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The Power of Entrepreneurial Empathy

The act of creating a new business venture is akin to the act of writing a novel. It feels very personal; your heart and soul are wrapped into the work. It’s all about achieving a vision. Fulfilling a certain need. Only, it’s not your need that matters. It’s theirs. The customers. The audience. The readers. […]

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Go Ahead. Move The Goalposts.

There is one particular logical fallacy that children use to great effect whenever they’re in an argument. It always makes for a good laugh. To illustrate, imagine a scene on the playground: an adolescent looks up at the sky and says, “It won’t rain today.” A schoolmate says, “It will, too.” “No it won’t.” “Yes […]

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Blind Values, Empty Metrics

Nothing compares to great data. Nothing does more to help me clarify situations, develop solutions, or make changes. And when data is woven into an honest narrative, it makes for some of the most beautiful, compelling expressions of thought we can find. It reminds me of a great line from Steven Pinker in his seminal […]

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Managers: Are We The Local Maximum?

The great Jim Rohn gave us an important bit of wisdom that I think about regularly: You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. This truth is connected to the effects of peer pressure—the good and bad kind. Spend all your time with gymnasts and you, too, will likely […]

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The Best Book For Understanding Luck

Fooled By Randomness By Nassim Nicholas Taleb Rating: 10/10 Best Line #1: Clearly risk taking is necessary for large success—but it is also necessary for failure. Best Line #2: The only article Lady Fortuna has no control over is your behavior. Good luck. I want to start by thanking Shane Parrish and Josh Wolfe for […]

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The Best Book For Fixing Your Worldview

Factfulness By Hans Rosling, with Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Ronnlund Rating: 10/10 Best Line #1: Get a toolbox, not a hammer. Best Line #2: Objects in your memory are worse than they appear. A Life Well-Lived Let’s start at the end. I was unfamiliar with the work of Hans Rosling prior to this book. […]

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The Flow Of Information Is The Flow Of Influence

Our look at the book Factfulness began with three words: data as therapy. Within that idea, we saw a way that data can be persuasive. Not from the standard Logos standpoint of facts, figures, and rational thinking. It does that, of course, but the therapeutic power comes from weaving data into a Pathos argument, eliciting […]

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