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Management Should Be Messy

There are many celebrated adages in the business world. Old chestnuts like, “The customer is always right.” Or adjacent notions like “It takes money to make money.” And when it comes to the management side of business, we often find people espouse the corporate ideal: “Our most important resource is our people.”   There is […]

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Managers: Are We The Local Maximum?

The great Jim Rohn gave us an important bit of wisdom that I think about regularly: You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. This truth is connected to the effects of peer pressure—the good and bad kind. Spend all your time with gymnasts and you, too, will likely […]

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Being Right About The Problem Doesn’t Solve It

A great solution poorly delivered is a poor solution greatly wasted. There aren’t many manuals on how to communicate effectively. But there are many manuals that explain how to do other things. Program a computer, repair a car, design something, draw, cook, etc. This imbalance creates a bit of a problem. Some of the best […]

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The Best Book For Making Change Successful

Transitions by William and Susan Bridges Rating 2nd Edition: 9/10 3rd Edition: 10/10 Best Line #1: People are really different—they aren’t just “defective” versions of yourself. Best Line #2: People seem to overreact to a change when they are reacting more than we are. Changes cause transitions which cause losses and it is the losses, […]

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How To Dance With Uncertainty

Yesterday, I read an article about the “One Key Thing” that separates successful people from unsuccessful people. The clickbaity title gives me an allergic reaction but the content within is still useful. The “one key thing” is an ability to face one’s fears. The prescribed technique to do so is a method championed by Tim […]

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The False Narrative Of The Highlight Reel

We have all found ourselves lost at times. Something ends, like a job, with nothing else beginning. Or maybe it’s even less tangible than that: like our interest in a particular course of study; pre-med students suffer a very real threat of burnout after years of pursuing something that becomes terrible, distasteful and unwanted. We […]

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What To Do When Change Happens To You

If there is one constant in life, it’s change. Sometimes small, sometimes big, it is a regular and eternally-present phenomenon. So why do people fear it? Why does it make us angry? There are many reasons but, often times, it’s the fact that some changes don’t fit the narrative that we selected. When we view […]

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Great Beginnings Are Endings

As of this writing, it’s January 7th and many of us are striving to make some sort of lasting progress with our new year’s resolutions. We’re on a journey to become better versions of ourselves and that’s a difficult thing, making such progress. We know it requires a good bit of change. And now that […]

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The Best Book for Creating Change

Switch: How To Change When Change Is Hard By Chip and Dan Heath Rating 10/10 Best Line #1:  A trainer in California taught six elephants to stand in a line and urinate on command and they hadn’t even completed a Myers-Briggs. Best Line #2: There is no moment when a monkey learns to skateboard. There’s […]

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