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Tension Compels The Sell

Here’s a word you don’t usually hear: medicalization. What does it mean? It is defined as the act of medicalizing something. But what is medicalizing? Well, it’s the act of medicalization. That should clear things up. Circuitous jokes aside, I came across this term in the global health journal BMJ while researching modern practices of […]

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True Differentiation

Jack Welch offered lots of great advice as the celebrated CEO of GE but one particular bit stands out: If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete. In other words, don’t step onto a level playing-field. At least when it comes to business. But I think this is true for many things. Government programs, […]

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The Four Words of Marketing

For all his “Tony Stark” persona, Elon Musk struck me as a completely sympathetic, perfectly normal person when he said the following: My goal is to try to do useful things … You know, with Tesla, I want to try to make things people love. Like, how many things you think you could buy that […]

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The Best Book for Learning How To Live

A Guide To The Good Life: The Art of Stoic Joy By William Irvine Rating: 10/10 Best Line #1: What do you want out of life? Best Line #2: Yoga has been a wonderful source of voluntary discomfort. This marks the second book I’ve featured by the author and professor William Irvine. The first was […]

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Goal Cessation

Buddhist traditions recognize that desire and ignorance are the origin of suffering. Stoic tradition recognizes this too. These arguments are quite durable, having maintained relevance for centuries, and the author William Irvine uses the teachings of both schools to reach a very clear, obvious truth in his book The Guide To The Good Life: We […]

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How To Stop Feeling Numb

The term stoic is defined as “a person who can endure pain and hardship without showing their feelings or complaining.” By this typical usage, the idea of a stoic philosophy suggests a way of thinking that leads people to quash their feelings altogether. Philosophy has that effect regardless. After all, the topic is quite dry […]

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Strengthening Our Free Will

Some people argue that there is no such thing as free will. I suppose they just can’t help but think that. When taken to the fullest extent, the idea can be very difficult to grasp. It’s easier, instead, to consider free will as a light switch. We can turn it on and off. Sometimes deliberately. […]

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The Feel of Misliving

Most people have a discrete collection of their favorite books. No one person’s collection is the same. And why is it so individualized? Because sequence matters. The first books you read on a given topic can have a very strong influence over future books you read. There is an imprinting effect that causes you to […]

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The Best Book For Starting A Data-Driven Practice

Lean Analytics Rating: 9/10 Best Line #1: Analytics is a necessary counterweight to lying, the yin to the yang of hyperbole. Best Line #2: Relying on wisdom and experience, rather than rigid analysis, helps us get through our day. You don’t run A/B testing before deciding what pants to put on. Many years ago, I […]

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