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Month / February 2019

Being Right About The Problem Doesn’t Solve It

A great solution poorly delivered is a poor solution greatly wasted. There aren’t many manuals on how to communicate effectively. But there are many manuals that explain how to do other things. Program a computer, repair a car, design something, draw, cook, etc. This imbalance creates a bit of a problem. Some of the best […]

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Their Language Is Where Your Empathy Starts

We have a tendency to expect others to do all the work of understanding what we communicate. This is especially true when it comes to sensitive topics. The author of this week’s featured book, Words That Work, can help us correct that tendency. Doing so is crucial for anyone who wants to make things better. I admire […]

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We Are Being Manipulated

Everybody is trying to get you to act a certain way. Every person. Every thing. All the time. It happens in conversation when someone attempts to persuade you. Someone is always trying to persuade you. Even your friends. It happens with advertising. Ads fill every billboard, magazine, or social media feed. By some accounts, we […]

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The Joy Of A Good Workplace

Three things about the workplace: One: not all workplaces are good. Two: many workplaces that are good aren’t good all the time. Three: any time a workplace is good, the experience of working there is truly great. That reads like something Yogi Berra would say but please with me. There is something rare and incredible […]

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Entrepreneurship Is Calculus, Not Statistics

I’ve written about the importance of statistics on several occasions. I even dedicated a full week to the topic when covering the fabulous book Naked Statistics by Charles Wheelan (here’s the book review). And whether it’s the importance of understanding randomness a’la Nassim Taleb’s Fooled By Randomness (here’s the book review) or the desperate need […]

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Struggling As A Leader? Thankfully, No One Cares.

This week is a return to our series on the best books in management. Our second book in the three-book pantheon is Ben Horowitz’s The Hard Thing About Hard Things. Written in 2014, this is the most-current book in collection. It is also the book that has the most heart. Horowitz wrote something honest, insightful, […]

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The Best Book for Examining Our Motivations

On Desire William B. Irvine Rating: 10/10 Best Line #1:  Despite our circumstances, no key ingredient of happiness is missing. Best Line #2: In devising our life plan, what should be our grand goal in living? It should be the attainment of satisfaction. Every time I recommend this book to people, they think I’m referring […]

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