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Month / February 2019

A Performance Review on Performance Reviews

All we need is a system, you see. Carefully calibrated collections of incentives that nudge people in the right direction. The workplace will be far better for it. Everyone will start showing up on time because the system will reward that. They’ll do more work because the system will engender it. This additional work will […]

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Managers: Time For Us To Teach

Today is great for people like me. Here and now, in this Information Age, we have so much that we can learn and so many resources to help us to learn it. The opportunities feel endless. Such bounty leads to inevitable change. People learn new things and apply the knowledge in novel ways. Such activity […]

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Bad Interviews Defeat Good People. Everytime.

Imagine you have to hire someone for your company but you cannot use interviews as a form of selection. You have a pool of four finalists. Each meet the minimum requirements. Each person is entirely unknown to you. And it’s a key role. Your performance in the company will be dependent on the performance of […]

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Managers: Are We The Local Maximum?

The great Jim Rohn gave us an important bit of wisdom that I think about regularly: You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. This truth is connected to the effects of peer pressure—the good and bad kind. Spend all your time with gymnasts and you, too, will likely […]

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The Best Book To Understand Uncertainty

The Black Swan Rating: 10/10 Best Line #1: I am going to be blunt. Best Line #2: When we think about tomorrow, we just project it as another yesterday. The very idea of uncertainty is foreign to many people. It isn’t solely about ignorance. There is much that we recognize we do not know. It […]

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The Best Way To Play With Risk: Be Extreme

There are safe, high-probability ventures. There are risky, low-probability ventures. Which should you explore? That’s a silly question. Financial investors scoff at such an idea. They resist the notion that you explore one or the other. They say you explore both. A classic portfolio strategy is to blend high-risk/high-yield and low-risk/low-yield investments to create a […]

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How To Make A Lot Of Money

Jim Barksdale once said that you make money two ways: by bundling or unbundling things. I think this is a very helpful idea. It isn’t the only way to make money but it’s a proven method. A successful bundling approach is Netflix. They take all the entertainment you want in put it in one helpful […]

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The Best Book To Know What To Say

Words That Work By Dr. Frank Luntz Rating: 10/10 Best Line #1: It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear. Best Line #2: For most people, language is functional rather than being an end in itself. For me, it’s the people that are the end; language is just a tool to reach them, a […]

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The Right Words Lead To The Right Actions

Great communication can change an audience’s attitude but it can also change the communicator’s behavior. When you say something in a way others need to hear it, you’ll have a stronger likelihood of doing things the way the audience needs them done. This just naturally happens with anyone who wants to be effective and good. […]

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