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Month / November 2018

The Best Book for Introducing Business Strategy

Playing To Win By A.G. Lagley and Roger L. Martin Rating 10/10 Best Line #1: What matters is winning. Great organizations choose to win rather than simply play. Best Line #2: Ideally, companies should see strategy as a process rather than a result—adapting existing choices before business and financial results start to turn down. Business […]

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Competitive Dynamics In The Business Ecosystem

In the world of business strategy, Michael Porter’s work on the Five Forces looms large. It’s a framework that helps determine the competitiveness of a given business. The idea is that a business becomes less and less attractive as competition rises in these five arenas. Competition, in other words, is terrible for business! It lowers […]

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The Price of Aspiration

We all want so many things. I want to be a bestselling author, a globe-trotting consultant, a retired president of a yacht club, an expert explorer of the Pacific Northwest featured on the cover of some outdoor magazine, a musician, and a graphic artist. A professional videogamer. The host of a popular podcast. A world-class […]

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Great Strategy Begins With Selflessness

On the surface, business doesn’t seem to comport with selflessness. There’s few, if any, captains of industry that I consider to be genuine altruists. But one of the things that has always fascinated me about business is the fact that success, in any form, is effectively built on giving a certain group a certain thing […]

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Maybe Winning Really Is All That Matters

My work here is wrapped around the idea of “Striving Strategically”. Put simply, this title is a two-word reduction of the broader axiom “Work smarter not harder”. But deeper still, the origins stem from a quote by the philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah, by way of Graham Duncan: “In life the challenge is not so much […]

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The Best Book for Confronting Issues

Difficult Conversations By Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, and Sheila Heen Rating: 10/10 Best Line #1: In a difficult conversation your primary task is not to persuade, impress, trick, outwit, convert, or win over the other person. It is to express what you see and why you see it that way, how you feel, and maybe […]

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When Difficult Conversations Lead To Identity Theft

What makes a difficult conversation? It’s more than the frayed emotions and raised voices. In some cases, it’s your own identity. As our authors explain in this week’s book, Difficult Conversations, the anxiety we face in these exchanges comes from the way we must confront ourselves as much as the other person. In fact, we […]

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The Best Book for Understanding Your World

Thinking In Systems By Donella Meadows Rating: 10/10 Best Line #1: Our knowledge is amazing; our ignorance even more so. Best Line #2: We don’t talk about what we see; we see only what we can talk about. A Note for Readers Before we begin, I would encourage anyone who hasn’t learned the basic principles […]

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