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Month / October 2018

What Is A Manager’s Greatest Asset?

Human beings are wired to need attention. If they are not getting attention, they consciously or subconsciously alter their behavior until they do. Thus, as a manager, if you pay the most attention to your strugglers and ignore your stars, you can inadvertently alter the behavior of your stars. When you see your stars acting […]

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The Great Letdown of Meeting Expectations

Consider outcomes versus expectations. For example, an airline touts its safety as a selling point. But it isn’t. Safety is expected, demanded, and is not thus impressive or surprising. An important line from this week’s book. Outcomes versus expectations in relation to praise. No one will ever call the power company to say thanks for […]

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Can A High Performer Be A Great Manager?

“Great managers do not look for people who are easy to manage. They look for people who have the talent to be world class.” This is a line from this week’s featured book, the oldie-but-goodie titled “First, Break All The Rules” by Marcus Buckingham, et al. It is a book about the conventional manager, as […]

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The System Works For You

This post is a tribute to W. Edwards Deming, born on this day in the year 1900. The system works for you. At the start, anyway. Then it doesn’t. The cover sheet for the TPS report? Yes, that was part of a great joke from Office Space but it was also a part of the […]

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A Fine Book for Playing The Game Better

Game Theory and Management By Michael Hatfield Rating: 7/10 Best Line:  The very best manager with 20% of the information needed to reach the best decision will be bettered by the poorest of managers who have access to 80% of the information needed. Funniest Line: It didn’t take me long to realize that the accountants […]

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In Defense of “That’s The Way We’ve Always Done It”

Imagine playing checkers with a friend. You’re red; he’s black. You’ve played against one another for years—winning some, losing some—and you know each other’s strategies pretty well. It’s a simple game, after all. Midway through the game, something very wrong happens. Your friend moves one of his pieces sideways. “Hey!” you say. “That’s not allowed! […]

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Playing The Game

“For when the One Great Scorer comes To mark against your name, He writes – not that you won or lost – But how you played the Game.” —Grantland Rice, Alumnus Football How you played the game. It seems that every kid hears the truncated version of expression after the first loss of their sporting […]

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Authenticity and LinkedIn

True to The Lean Startup principles, I’m conducting a retrospective to report what I’ve learned in the first six-week cycle of this humble effort to develop something useful. Here’s Lesson #5: Is LinkedIn just the Yellow Pages for resumes? The Craigslist of careers? Is it social media? An online community? I honestly don’t know. I never really […]

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