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Month / October 2018

Is Mastery Even A Choice?

“The difference between passion and addiction is that  between a divine spark and a flame that incinerates.” Dr. Gabor Mate Around the same time I read Mastery, I also read the Steve Jobs biography and the Phil Collins autobiography. Say what you will about these two gentlemen (I’m a huge Collins fan but admit that […]

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The Great Misunderstanding About Mastery

This week’s focus is on the book Mastery by Robert Greene. We start with a quote from the book that, in some ways, contradicts its own thesis that mastery is available to all: We prefer things that can be reduced to a formula and described in precise words. But the types of intuitions discussed by […]

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The Best Book For Fixing Your Worldview

Factfulness By Hans Rosling, with Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Ronnlund Rating: 10/10 Best Line #1: Get a toolbox, not a hammer. Best Line #2: Objects in your memory are worse than they appear. A Life Well-Lived Let’s start at the end. I was unfamiliar with the work of Hans Rosling prior to this book. […]

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Join The Possibilist Revolution

“I am not an optimist. That makes me sound naive. I’m a very serious “possibilist”. It means someone who neither hopes without reason, nor fears without reason, someone who constantly resists the overdramatic worldview. As a possibilist, I see all this progress, and it fills me with conviction and hope that further progress is possible. […]

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The Flow Of Information Is The Flow Of Influence

Our look at the book Factfulness began with three words: data as therapy. Within that idea, we saw a way that data can be persuasive. Not from the standard Logos standpoint of facts, figures, and rational thinking. It does that, of course, but the therapeutic power comes from weaving data into a Pathos argument, eliciting […]

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Your Ego Hates Data

Data doesn’t care about you. Data doesn’t care about anything. And short of casting a few puns about a Star Trek TNG character, Data is something we tend to ignore. That tendency leads us to our own peril. This week’s book, Factfulness, illustrates the data behind a far richer, more hopeful view of the world. […]

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Data as Therapy

The title is a line from this week’s book, Factfulness. It’s simple. Three words. And yet, it really improved my view of data. Hans Rosling wrote this book for all of us who get mired in the spiral of suggestion. That’s literally everyone. We are whipsawed on a daily basis by the one-two punch of […]

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The Best Book For Second-Year Managers

First, Break All The Rules By Marcus Buckingham, et al Rating: 10/10 Best Line: The role of the company is to identify the desired end. The role of the individual is to find the best means possible to achieve that end. Therefore strong companies become experts in the destination and give the individual the thrill […]

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Why Do Managers Care So Much About Failure?

“In the working world, there is a fascination with pathology. Manager are far more articulate about service failure than about service success. This should be rejected. You cannot infer excellence by studying failure and then inverting it.” The quoted line from this week’s book reminds me of something Peter Thiel said in an interview on […]

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